Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A lot to catch up...

Thanks for the rain during the long weekend, I managed to stay at home and finished some LOs. While I was clearing out my stash of paper and other things, I realized that I had too many unpacked kits from cupcakes. Sign... Met a fren yesterday, she asked me to check on her eye bags, poor working mummy, scrapping at night after all kids went to bed... But we are so fond of this hobby as really we have too many sweet moment to share and wonderful story to tell.

Altered magnet board

I like innerspace a lot, saw a magnet board with photo display a while ago. It was about $100 over! Of course, I didn't let myself buy it. But went there again before CNY, the last board had a cracked corner but who cares, nearly half the price and I altered it! You can't even tell which corner!

My girls draw the picture of family and I pulled out some favourite pictures to fit inside the magnet tins, lovely isn't it! I also found out the prima flower tin can be add on it too, how great is that! Hei, anyone out there, would like to give your tin to me, please!!!

Picture Frame

I really have too many unpacked kits, the frame came from one kit from scrapping angles, goodness, at least 8months old...

My girls fight a lot at home, for any reason, but on the other hand, they can play so well together too. My dad took the recent photo when we were in SH, look, how fun they had while just pulling each other's ear! I used MME paper ( love them ), prima's bird, MM tag and stickers.

February -- the month of Love

I don't know how other people feel, but I do lost in the past sometimes and do my own wondering. Some thing happend two weeks ago and made me sitting down and wondered for a while. My family, however comes the first, always.

Inspired by Jamie Water, I thought to write something to the individual in the family. Usually hubby is the one behind the camera, so this photo of 3 is a rare piece. I inked the sides of the tag, stamp the flower using two colours and write each of them something.

Something different

Hubby seldom comments on my works, he just noticed that I have occupied most of the study area and found all his racing trophy have been put on the top the TV and cabinets. Haha, we woman... But he asked to make something for his fren few weeks ago!!! I only finished during the weekend. reason? all man! I am used to do LO for children not man man ! Went thru all my paper and found one set about travelling , no embelishment for man of course, but I stamped and stitched button! so here we are, look at it:

I think I did my best. Let's cross finger hoping they like it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MM 5th Avenue (1)

They're absolutely beautiful, I couldn't resist at all. Played with one pattern paper, one card stock and some pages from the notebook, I did this LO of Renee.

I especially love the notebook, each page of them. Instead of the original 5th Avenue blossom jar, I used notebook pages, sizzix and flower punch, made these flowers and the glitter brads from MM.