Wednesday, September 24, 2008


When I was preggy with the 2nd child, nearly every single person I knew told me that the baby would be a boy until the doctor revealed the truth. Well, I don't mind at all, neither does my in-laws, they have had their 20 plus grand children and I thought my dear hubby doesn't mind at all. Rafeeqa is truly a joy to the family. Despite the truth she has the similiar voice like her sister, she has all other unique characters.

She plays barbies and balls; she only wears girly dress but climbs everything available at home. She swings on my spare cloths racks and claims that's the monkey bars; she walks on top of the sofas and tells me that's her balance beam... I can tell you all the ridicdulous games she creates at home and yet she poses with her charming princess smile and princess dress! I just know some day, something could happen! Last week, while her sis and I were playing badmintons in the garden, she climbed on the basketball rack and fell:

This photo was taken on Saturday, two days after the accident and you can see her eye now. She refused to go to school on Friday as well as on Monday, reason: Still hurt? NO! Can't see properly? NO! So why?

" The scar! I can't let the other see the scar, I don't look pretty with that scar!"

Ahhhhhhhh! My dear hubby is still away, I kept it from him but my dad saw it while we chatted on line on Saturday, so her daddy called her yesterday just about the accident, and gu"ess what, she told him: "I am fine, I look okay now, daddy, the scar is gone!"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scrapping week

That's this week! I went SC for a scrapping marathon on Wednesday, within 3 and half hours, the girls finished 3 LOs!!! It's a really hard job for me to judge and decide the winner for each look, all wonderful jobs, you girls are cool! ( you know who you are )I also did one that morning, so 4 LO within a day! I was really glad.

Inspired by a layout from a magazine and tried to use the Queen&Co.'s felt fusion on the same colored card stock! I really like how it turned out but tell you the peeling of the felt was a pain, I nearly tore many parts off, "wink" "wink", but when you ask me if I will do it again? Ya, I will try to be careful the next time, coz, I love the feel of felt.

You must noticed many great designers have been using the gorgeous sassafras lass pp lately and I knew I have to play with it as soon as I have them.

The story behind: my Renee likes to write Chinese characters as she thinks it's cool, but on the other hand, she hates it if it's a long piece of writing. Just to get her produce something long and nice, I made her to rewrite a story, she's allowed to illustrate for the story too. While she was making the story, I had the idea of making it into the book and of course, must use sassafras lass. Also used here, AM's animal chipboard, Chatter box's sticker and MM's alpha sticker.  Can you imagine how proud she is when she reads it to Rafeeqa? Maybe one day to her little child? Ha ha, this crazy mama, dreaming again!

Ya, very happy that I have done some scrapping this week, and guess what, Sunday is tomorrow, I sure can find time to do some then! Now, I need to bring the girls to the beach ...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just don't understand why people like to make a bad day worse... It's not a sunny today and a rather cloudy one, I chose the wrong colour to wear, let the black stay all day long...

Talked about peace in school today and kids had fun writing peace characters with Chinese brush.

The meaning of "gentle, calm" and "quiet, peaceful" made up the word "HE PIN", I often ask myself if I try hard enough to have a peaceful mind, haha, hard to get an answer! Well, just take a minute or two to look at the phrase and be quiet ...

Scrapping side, I was looking at my "collections" and thinking what should I do with all the kits I have, I am still thinking okay. I like kits, everything's there, pattern paper, cordinated card stock, embelishments, I don't need to bother to add more in! But sometimes, you take things for granted like me, too good to start with. I played with JB's Aug's kit last weekend, the new Victoria line, colour is so soft, I had to use my favourite photo of Renee again, "sigh":

Also love the little bingo cards and used them for this shadow box:

Need to say more? Once you started then you couldn't stop any more, my table is a mess and I am going to continue scrapping after I finish this post, p.s. the girls are sleeping soundly now!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sad sad

Sob Sob

I lost one of my SD memory card together with the card reader. The card reader is nothing but the SD card is... I haven't even saved all the photo! I just couldn't find it...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What your child teaches you...

Rafeeqa is in Reception this year, I just think it is a big thing for her. She starts to learn organize her things by herself every morning and puts her bags in the proper place in the classroom. She gets homework everyday too which she always finishes by herself. 

She was telling me the story about "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" yesterday, claiming she knew all the characters inside, well, that didn't surprise me at all as we watched the Disney version together ( actually, I was trying to tell her the real version of the story by Victor Hugo, then she obviously couldn't understand at all so this crazy mummy had to stop ), but you know what, she asked me another question:

"Mummy, do you know, why people can live on earth?"
"Yah, there is water and air on earth!"
"How about the other balls?"
"Other balls?"
"The others floating around the earth?"
"You mean the other planets?"
"Yes, that's right, the planets."
"There is no water nor air, I think, so people can't live there."
"Oh," She paused for a while and continued:"you know, mummy, there is no toy, we can't live there."

That's the end of the conversation. Toys=Essential of living !

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Since the last session ended last Friday and I really hope everything is back on its schedule by now... I had a busy week and a long weekend, during which I managed to go across the board and got some books to read. 

I was late for SIC's sept take but was able to complete it last night.

Mainly used Jenni Bowlin's July kit, Anna Griffin's paper is beautiful as usual, I cut out flowers from two different pp and layered them together with the blue fabric flower from MME. The blue lace is a true beauty,right? It caught my eyes years back when I first set eyes on it. There are always things in your stash that you wait for so long to use it in a right place, and that's for it here. 

That's me and my mother ways back in Sichuan, in front of the house we lived, during one of the summer holidays which I travelled 2 days and 2 nights by train from Shanghai to Sichuan to visit my parents.  

With all the love for the country, my parents left Shanghai in their early twenties to serve in the southeast, which was called inner land, they thought they would not be away from their hometown too long, but in fact, they spent over 20 years there. In order to give me the best education, I was sent to my grandparents when I was 3 years old, my mum only allowed to have 2 weeks holiday every four years to visit Shanghai while my father was able to go business trips often to Shanghai to see me. When I was old enough when in primary school, they arranged their friends whoever happened to be in Shanghai around July to bring me to Sichuan for summer holiday and that's the best time for me in a year! I could be with them day and night!!! Grandma was very kind but still different from mum and dad, they just spoiled me! You can tell from my smile on the photo!

Eventually, mum couldn't take this any more, how can you not seeing your only daughter every day? and some more, need to wait for so long? She took sick leave and moved to Shanghai to be with me when I was thirteen, but this didn't work out either in the end coz my dad was too lonely too! But time really flied fast, I soon got into the high school and needed to go to Sichuan for university entrance exam. However the best school in town was 3 hours train away from where they lived, again I was put into the boarding school. Later I left for uni in Beijing, they settled back in Shanghai, I started teaching after graduation but 11 months later, I came to Brunei. 

All my life, I haven't really spent any quality time with my mum especially, by the time I settled with a family and wished she could come over to be with me, the bad news arrived, it's too quick and too late to fight back, though she was such a brave woman, if we could have know just a bit early, how I wish I could notice something early... if I could, I'd do anything to keep her, I just have so many thing to tell her...

My dad is a great photographer, he used to take loads of photo for my mum, then me and now my daughters. I remembered the time he hid in his dark room and developed the photo, I would be the first one to see them if I was around, and all these black and white beauties are all kept safely in a large green file box in our home in Shanghai, in where I like to go through them again and again every time I go home. Thank you dad for record those precious moments and thank you, mum for teaching and giving me all the strength to live a full life. I love you and miss you so much.

Let us just take a moment tonight, to thank someone in your life and let them know you love them.