Monday, February 16, 2009

I have totally neglected my blogland for a long time...
So many things happened and still going on
I hardly have my own time to sit down and write, think, scrap
which I missed the most...

Just had a very relaxed weekend, no activities for the girls, no shopping, no beach, just simply hanging around the house and we watched

I started to work on something...
can not share with you yet
but should be a good one!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beginning of the year

Well, I have been out of the blogger world for nearly two months... Too many things happened and yet I am still try to do my best to solve them one by one.

Anyway, today is the 9th day of the Chinese New Year, wish all my friends a properous new year, not too late, right?

We had one special ... actually two visitors to the house last week:

I do hope everyone will have a smooth beginning of the year!

Rafeeqa took this one for us the day after and claimed herself the best photographer of the year,

so here we go, the best one indeed:

The weather seems getting better today, I hate the smell of the clothes when they are not properly dried under the sun, despite the message I received regarding the weather condition in the coming days, I again wish the sun stays on!