Friday, June 29, 2007

Celebrate Life

Obviously I am a happy woman, great hubby, beautiful kids and a job I am happy with plus a wonderful hobby to keep me going... and of course many sweet friends.

Just in less than a month time, I will turn into 34! Still remember when I was 30, that's really something heavy for me, but look at me now, I believe I enjoy being 30 something. To celebrate this, I have completed this LO:

Here is something want to share with you all:

In order to be happy, find a thing you love to do and throw yourself into it wholeheartedly.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shopping (2)

I want these too:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I always love shopping, which girl does not anyway?

So I thought I just went to Shabby to buy the ghost letter, and end up with this:

Also, heard that Love Elsie will be on shelves TOMORROW, despite the fact that Wednesday is my busiest day in a week, I will sure pay a trip to Shabby at end of the day... You know, the local scrappers ...... are away too crazy to shop!!!

Arrived at home with the stamps and bag full of mags from Best Eastern, I can't resist using the stamps straight away and had this:

The stamps are so easy to use and great fun to play with, my two girls had ordered some more shapes from their poor mummy-- I now relize and totally agree that my day time job is just to finance my this hobby......

My favourite moment

Two weeks ago I did a look in "anything scrap", sent for challenge in It remind of so much thing happened in Sichuan ,where I spent my childhood with my parents.
And there's a new challenge every week, please go check it out this week's, here is the one I made:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunset at Empire

Promised to bring the girls to watch "Shrek 3" and finally made it on Friday after school. Went with Amy and her son Chris, he's in the same class with Rafeeqa. They seemed enjoy the movie and had fun watching the sunset before dinner at Pantai.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ruey's kit (2) -- My box album

As I mentioned early one, I only used a small part of the things from Ruey's kit, so this week, I tried to use as many as I can to finish the box album I was working on. The idea of the box came from the Scrapbook Inspiration mag, but the sizes mentioned in the mag did not seem to work, so I figured out my own and this is it:

(1) Measure 4' from the one edge of the card stock, then repeat at four sides, so you actually cut out 4 squares sized 4'*4'
(2) Repeat the same steps for paper 2 and 3, but the squares sizes will be: 3 7/8' and
3 5/8'
(3) The last piece will be the cover, I trimed it to a 6 4/8' square, and folded up 1' from each edge, and made the cover size of a 4 4/8' * 4 4/8' sqauare and added embelishments, along the four sides, I added stickers from Provo Craft and velvet ribbon.
(4) Now, the inside, add photo and explored with your talent and do whatever you like, I love the 7 gypsie stickers, prima flowers and chipboards; after that, put the 3 pieces of stock together, you will have something like this
(5) For the outside of the box, I used the lovely paper form Ruey's kit again, they are so beautiful, and I used flowers, chipboard and sticker again( what to do, I just love them), and finally add the tag to go with the "Happy" word from the cover.
This will be the present for my dad, the Father's day is around the corner, I also made a card for him. Since he is so so far away from us, this box album will let him to see the girls every day.

There is a picture of the girls, hubby and myself inside the card for daddy too.

Monday, June 4, 2007

It's a boy!

I know, it's a boy but not mine! For a friend of mine, for her long waited motherhood, I used 3 hours and gave her this last Saturday: