Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Some people have green fingers, they are able to plant anything they want, I admire them. I always want to have a small cottage built near a lake, with flowers blooming in the garden. As I mentioned small cottage, have you all noticed a little cafe in Kiulap called "Country Patch"? A place you shall like.

Well, back to the fingers... Unfortunatelly I do not have green fingers, so what kind of fingers do I have then? hehe...

This one is on my desk and I notice that I am not the only one to play with it. I came across this type of calendar not very long ago and actually wanted to make one for my dad, instead I submitted it for the "Green Project" held by CI. Just in case you would love to make one, here are the steps:

I used one of the pizza box ( the one from my monthly kit club ), simply make up your mind for its size, mine one, the base is about 6 1/2' (W) * 6 1/2 '(D) * 6 1/2 '(H). The size of the dice is a 2 1/2' cube.

Now, you use pp to cover them up, I made a slicely bigger cube to house the bare one.

Before you glue pp on to the stand, must punch holes first, measure the hole properly, otherwise you will have problem to put rings through them. I add eyelet on the hole too.

For the month sheets, I all used scraps and used rubon (MF). Now, the last part is to stamp (MM ) the numbers on the cubes. Have you thought over how to do the numbers? To make sure you have no problem to have day 1 to day 31?

I am not an active blogger, I know it takes so long to be mine 100th post, a few RAKs will be given away, so watch out this space, very soon...

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Trip

5 days, a short trip but definitely a good one.

My two were enjoying the magazines and never tired posing for their mummy.

Drove up to the Mt. Kinabalu, kids were joyful when they saw so many fruits to taste!

Renee's new instrument made from coconut shell, believe it or not, she sang while she was playing it !

My new favourite thing at the moment

Doodlebug's crushed velvet! Shabby gave me a bottle of sample for July's work and after numerous trial, I made a card with velvet title " Thank you" also using K&Co's rubbing on letters. But I found actually you can have so much to do with it. I finished another LO just now, using OA's pp and tried crushed velvet for the flower.

I heard pp complaining too troublesome to use them, but it just likes all the glitters, and just for a change of glitters, of course at the mean time I love the velvet feel... that's why I grant myself the whole 12 bottles with different colour!

(1) Choose the item you want to use, in my case, I cut out the flower from OA pp:

(2) Brush up the glue, I used Tombo's liquid glue, you also can use any type of liquid glue you have. But just be careful, you need to only brush the area you want to use the crushed velvet for:

(3) sprinkle crushed velvet on:

(4) shake off the access and cut it out nicely, so here you are, ready to use for you layout:

It will work well with doodlebug's stick with it adhesive transfers, I especially like the swirl design, got to use it for the next one.

An 4 year-old artist

Now, I also want to share with you a little drawing done by my Rafeeqa. She is fond of the Winx club and apparently this one is her favourite. I just amazed to see how detail she could draw, look at the shoe, the lace, the dangling stuff on the wing...She has been working on all the characters for a while and leaving my place with all scribble. I have to say kids are creative and they are proud of their completed work, not like us though, just wonder, where did our confidence go?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A proud mother

Yes, I am! Found this while I was internet exploring. Hope you enjoy it too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What did I do?

Ha, what a good question! I was wondering myself too... nearly a week of holiday is gone! But I had a great week!!! Finally I welcomed my friend Wenting and his family, it's hard to believe the last time we saw each other was 5 years ago! I don't think that we have changed much since, even compare to 20 over years ago, haha...

I can tell the children all had a good time too! Especially with water! They actually spent their afternoons in the pool! I didn't take any photo when we were at the Yacht Club on Sunday, but believe me, they stayed in water for more than 3 hours every day! They also visited the Jungle Gym and made pizza in Frattini's !

little mermaid Kaiyee Rafeeqa
the little wondering boy Xuezheng

can you believe this girl was afraid of water two years ago?

It's yummy, of course!

You see, though we visit museum, mosques only when we have visitors, I do enjoy them, especially the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque and the Jame Asr' Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, beautiful and magnificent! The water cruise was interesting too, and this would be my first time in 10 years! After a fanastic time in Brunei, they departed to KK yesterday and we will join them tomorrow after my course and Renee's summer school.

Scrapping Side

It's so good to have a long holiday... what I enjoyed most so far? Sitting in front of my table, scrapping without time restriction! I received Shabby's kit for July, I just love the paper, I made two LOs, a card and still more left! I have to send to Shabby today!Plus have a look at the new arrivals...

Sneak peek of Shabby's look

Besides that, I scrapped every moring and made a few LOs:

The harmonica girl

I tried putting ghost letters on the photo, and quite like it! Don't you have those moment that you are clueness on how to use some embelishment? But still keep buying them?


I like this photo very much and always hope that I could catch another one like this! The crochet flower is beautiful and handmade by Bev, she is so good, isn't she! I tried knitting years ago in my early teens and my level is still at "able to finish one long scarf", simply have no idea how to knit a whole sweater, do not know where to fix the sleeve nor neck, lol. Thanks, Bev. I still have the other two!