Tuesday, January 29, 2008

love is in the air ... (2)

Usually by this time of the year, we have already decorated the house but this year, we plan to get away for few days during the CNY--- which I always want to do. So besides the two paper lattern I made are up in the living room, there's nothing red yet.
But upstairs in my scrapping space, I made this! The funky photoes were taken in SH, two of us behaved like little kids, hid behind the curtain and posed. Love to do that again sometime.

Monday, January 28, 2008

love is in the air... (1)

Yes, it is...it's been nearly two month now, I shall say. The December trip to SH, followed by a short visit to Vietnam and until now...

Bev taught me and Meilan this mini album last year, I was waiting for a right time to share it.
Shall I say : now? We will have our 10th anniversary this October.

And really, some more are to be continued...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

First LO in 2008

Well, it didn't take that long to finish this LO! I was kind of desperate to do something then pulled out my cupcakes kit from November and completed this ! I always like to take pictures when my girls having food especially Rafeeqa, she is the little mouse in the house, won't let any food go without her try.

Mummy's favourite cake.....mine too!

What material I used: MM, October Afternoon/paper; BG/rub-ons;HS/blings;Bazzill/flower;Buzz and Bloom/chipboard(from Jazz)

" The chestnut cake is my all time favourite, when my little girl tried for her first time in Dec'2007, she immediately said"I love it!"

Yes, I finally had lots of pictures from our last trip on my table waiting to be done.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A late Happy New Year and no scrapping yet

I know, I know, it's too late but I still want to say Happy New Year to everyone ...

What to do, after a long holiday without access to the blogspot and 2 busy school weeks, what can I say? The children enjoyed themselves so much and we sure did too. Just look at those pictures you will know, who didn't agree that Shanghai's Xiao Long Bao is the best of all?

We did a lot of visiting this time as Rafeeqa is ready to explore ( but on a stroller instead of her feet ): SH Musemum, Lake of Yang Cheng ( where you will find the best crab ever ), Yu Garden and others. I think the children love the shows best: the white whale show, the circus show and also several visit to the science play center and playlands. I searched for fun places they could go before our departure and also made sure they were busy all time. Best of all that Renee even had a try for ice-skating on Christmas eve. On the same day, we found this:

A pink Christmas tree in front of the Time Square

All of us couldn't wait for our next trip especially me, as I didn't get enough time to talk to dad with the two busy girls around, I shall do it in March though! Yah, another trip in March!!!

Now, talking about scrapping, actually I did bring some stuff with me to SH and hoping that I could do some LO but you know, ahhh, nothing! Even after I came home and yet two weeks past, nothing! While I was cleaning my working-scrapping place last Sunday, I realized that I have so many so many stuff I haven't even touched. I must find some time to do it. But when???? I didn't even print the trip photo!

I hope I can get hands on some beautiful paper soon.