Sunday, March 13, 2011

The long waited showcase...

Every year in March, is the time for JIS's showcase concert, a event that worth waiting and watching!

The rehearsals started nearly a month early with the dancers and the young musicians worked very hard for the week too. The music standard in the school is really no doubt, the orchestra which is made up with music students played whole night! Here are some shots for the show:

This is the youngest member of the orchestra, 10 years old Nathan on the piano, beautiful...

and the young singers from the junior school sang the French song: Vla Bon Vent and my little girl was right there. She is the littlest one there... Later they joined the senior choir, look, how tiny she is ! Here is her sister with the rest of the girls chorale singing "Say a little prayer".

It's a wonderful school event, the theatre was full house for the two show nights!