Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inspired Blueprints

When Bev invited me to join few months ago, I was so amazed by the talents in Inspired Blueprints. However, I have been busy for a while, until recently, (hopefully) most of the things are back on tracks, especially, this weekend, as my little Rafeeqa's got chickenpox, we have no where to go but home...

There are many sketches in IB, which you are able to follow the link at the left, I tried out three today!

Sunny colours are not my usual choices, right, but I thought the paper is so bright and I wanted to give a try! Sharon told me the Turquoise Blue is a must buy when she was here last November, but I haven't even played with it. Look, I like the result of it!

I must say that I love my Jenni Bowlin's kit very much. The long waiting for the kit usually kills me, but it all goes away with the joy as I open it every month: seeing all these beauties just takes your breathe away. For last month's kit, I got pp from Websterpages and MME, together with rubons, tiny beads, die cuts, transparent and many many more, I just can't get my hands off it!

I meant to scrap these pictures right after CNY, not after two months! Hehe, but I like IB's sketch! I dug out some old collection : paper from NRN Design; stickers from K&Co and these cute little Diam Sum sticker from Taiwan. The journalling tag that from K&Co is hidden behind the paper.

My girls have many many ( I really mean a lot ) projects from school which they bring back every end of term. I used to keep them in seperate keepsake boxes then transferred to the treasure box from IKEA, and now again out of space to keep! I found the 6*9 album from MM is perfect to keep these projects:

Some bigger drawings I can even fold them to fit in the protector:

But I now look for better ways to keep these drawings and projects especially even bigger ones, any idea? I am thinking to clean my storage to get more treasure boxes, please let me know what you like to do. It's quite scary if I would like to keep all the things from school, but I just couldn't throw them away!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some layouts to share

When I was organising my folders just now and found these which I must forgot to share:

Sassafras's delicious paper in this layout, I found myself are caught by the new bungle jungle, vintage yummy and anthem range, now desperately take load of picture to scrap!
MM's paper and embelishment is also a must to have every season, right? you just can't get your hands off them.
Have a sick child at home, hope she will be better by Saturday coz I want to go Shabby! Remind you the every 1st and 3rd Saturday at Shabby, see you there!

Monday, April 13, 2009

What's on my mind?

Children, students and my father.
Those are the things that constantly on my mind.

I often wonder what's on other's mind, well, just try to understand others better.

Very much enjoyed playing with Page  Maps's sketch, here's my take:

I took this picture of little Rafeeqa some time last year, she waited a few months for her hair to grow longer enough to tie a pony tail, or shall I say -- pig tail.  She was very delighted that day, went out to explore in our garden by picking all sorts of flowers.  She was riding on her wooden rocking horse when I saw her staring at the house next door.  She was very calm, more like in some sort of deep thoughts, and with this beautiful orchard in her hair.

What was on her mind at that very moment? I was wondering and I am still wondering now, what was she thinking about? Why was she looking at the window of next door neighbour?  I don't think I could find out the answer. It could be anything, anything interested her and kept her busy, but most of all, I just knew she was happy, she was very much into her own world which amazed her on that day!

Material used in this layout: MME bella bella pp and die cut, AC fabric letter stickers, Webster's pages pp,  Pebblesinc's pebbles chips, Jenni Bowlin's letter sticker, tag, button, felt bird, and Heidi Swapp's bling and clock.

Have a nice start of the week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When I visited Shabby last time, I fell totally for MME's paper. It's so sweet. Since I haven't done any layout on myself for so long, I pulled out these pictures, which the girls took for us in KL last December when we were on one of the ride in Genting Island. Heng and I tried to pose in front of them and he just had to do this silly look... the truth is, we all liked it! On this page, the overlay, journal card and chipboard are all from MME.

I also finished this layout that have been in my mind for nearly 2 months. When Bev was attending winter CHA, she got me the surprise, I still couldn't believe that Jenni Bowlin did actually write me a card! I have to scrap it!

My camera gave me a lot of trouble nowadays, which in a result that I fell the urge to buy myself a new one. As you can see, I used a lot of JB's button on it.

The weather is too hot, I try to hide myself indoor after I get home every afternoon. You know what does that mean, don't you? More scrapping !!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

None of us want to go back to school because this could be the longest term of 13 weeks and only one week break in end of May, so there I was, as soon as I came back from Shanghai, I caught flu and lost my voice. When all the excitement of holiday had graduately disappeared, I knew that I have to start working.

My assignment from Shabby was finally completed last weekend, it's far behind the time, I knew.

(1) As sweet as cherries: JB's paper and the new button, there are many different types available in Shabby, I folded paper to make a flower and centered with the button and the lace. JB's letter stick is another favourite at the moment for the colour, the size and the font.

(2) Mummy's wish list: I have to say I really like prima flowers, usually use one or two on a layout though. When Bev handed me all these flowers, I decided to use them in one go. I dipped brads in glue then in glitters to go with the flowers.

(3) cards: again, with JB's paper and label sticker. Also here, my OA's stamps.

After put away scrapping for some time, I am really slow at the moment. I have 3 layout and project going on at the same time which I hope to be completed this week.

The beautiful and inspiring work of Sharon and Lia's are already on display at Shabby, haven't you made your way there yet?

I missed the first Saturday's crop date in Shabby last week, how about you? Remember to join us in Shabby Chic every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month!

I was hoping to get more pictures to scrap yesterday when we went to treasure hunt in JP, but guess what, my battery went flat after only two shots:

and that were all before the event started! See, now you can tell how behind of date I am at the moment!

Will be back soon.