Wednesday, March 25, 2009

it's so nice to be home

After 15 months, I finally home with my dad. 

A very short trip really, but worth it just for this, 

and this 

and many more home made food by my dad, he stored many things in the fridge just for his little girl.

Since I am back in Shanghai, I have to eat "Xiao Long Bao", we drove all the way to Nan Xiang, the origin of the famous Bao, which is about 40 mins away from the city. Walked around the old town, dad bought something for the girls and we ate at two different places, just to find out which one has the best Bao. Well, just as dad said, the best one belongs to the restaurant where he and mum dated forty years ago.

The place looks pretty the same except the renovation happened in the 2nd floor, newly made old fashioned table, bench and the smell of the bamboo basket that used to take away the Bao all remind me of my grandma's house where I spent my childhood.

Normally the trip back home with the whole family would be packed with sight seeing, visit to zoo and many fun places for kids, but as I am alone, I could do things differently: a lot of thinking - past, present and future.  Despite the emptiness - I miss the girls and Heng so much, I get to go through my old stuff slowly, one by one... strangely, there are always something "new" to me, more to be rediscovered. I wonder if  you have ever had the same experience?

It's just so nice to be home, 3 more nights though.