Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another catch up...

I finally managed to complete first few assignments for my course, yes, now I have time to scrap ... but just till this Sunday -- another one is due next Friday!  I didn't get to develop any photo , there are many in the camera from beach trips and school book week, so actually a lot of new photo yet to be scrapped, but when???
Here is a few I did : 

(1) Do you still remember the movie: Jerry Maguire by Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger , he said: "You completed me" which made me cry over and over and now you may discovered where my eldest's name came from... "sh..." I did this LO coz I feel that sentence now, present.

pp from MM, CI and BB, the flowers are from last year mother's day special kit from Scrapping Angel, can you believe it?

(2) "Sweet face": this one actually did few months back when AC arrived in Shabby and I forgot all about it! 

(3) "She"-- a LO for my mother, the subject which I do not dare to think too much about. May is the month of mother... I really miss her...  the photo I chose came with special meaning to me, we took in the different places where we lived: Sichuan, Shanghai and Brunei. Also, different special moment in our lives: a young me before mummy left me with grandma; another young me went to visit mummy; me and mummy in my teens; before my wedding and when I was pregnant with Renee.  We shared these memory together and I am very sure she is still with us ... Renee once told me seriously:" Mummy, don't worry, grandma ma is watching us, she will pray for us!" Ya, she would be so proud that her granddaughters are such sweet.
(4) The recycle flower tin to the flower pot: this is something I wanted to do but didn't manage early on. When I went thru old stash of pp and discovered some Elsie's, you know, I love her but I don't know how to use them! Gave a try to cover the container and it turned out to be cool! The next day, I returned to Shabby to hunt more tins and guess what, all gone!  Just show you some pics: 

Time for sleep loh, see ya soon!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Project

I just uploaded this to the Creative Imagination Gallery. 

I thought for other LOs but ended up with this project. The reason: I really got so many pizza box at home. For those who also have a few kits coming in every month, I know you understand me! I use them to put all the kits then all the kits will just stay there, so I took them out and did not want to throw the box. 

When I was making this, my dad was in my head all the time. The creative imagination paper, the music notes, remind me of my dad, he loves music. We didn't spend that much time together when I was a little girl, but his collection of record, used to be the old big black type, and now, the CD and DVDs, he has this huge cabinet in his room, full of music records. If I can think about any present for him, will be music record. Maybe this recycle project could be his present too!

If you have any recycle idea , do join the creative imagination go green project

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Time flies

Just don't know how this happened, today is 26th of April!!! Only 4 days to May!

So many things in my head but just a few have been completed, here is a peak of one of the LO for SIC:
Be sure to come back on the 1st, you will know by then.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A busy weekend

We were invited to different activities, so we had a rather busy weekend compare the usual ones. On Sunday morning, the girls went to the Muara Beach, played with their cousins. We usually go to the club on Sundays, swim in the pool and play at the seaside, they never have been in the sea actually, so this was the first time for them to play in the sea. The weather was lovely, we had plenty of food too ( my aunt and her daughters cooked so many food which could feed at 30 people ). After the sea, children went to the playground and had icecream, we didn't leave there until noon.

Later that day, the girls joined school's treasure hunt, we were divided into 4 groups, guess what, the team Renee was in won!!! Look, these joyful faces!

Of course, the result of that is not much scrapping for me. Paid a trip to Shabby on Friday night, couldn't resist the lovely Heidi Grace paper, took 4 only ( what a good girl I was ) and did something RECYCLE:

I am sure we all have loads of this plastic cover for chipboard, stamps, I just feel guilty if I throw them away! It turned out to be a door sign for my girls' room, did you see the new Heidi Grace paper there? I went back to Shabby on Sunday to grab another two after all, I know the good behavior didn't last long though! Sigh

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are you ready for some game?

Yes, that's it. I am hosting for sisterhoodofscrap's game today! Now, are you ready? As you can see below, it's a 16pcs puzzle, click and have a round, I will tell you later what your LO need to be:

Click to Mix and Solve

It's not that hard, isn't it? I hope you all have fun playing. I hope you like all the colour in that puzzle and I want you to choose any 4 to be the primary colour of your LO and here is mine.

You should have one week to complete your layout and post a link here, many prizes are waiting for you, and most of all, we shall all have fun playing, right? LOL

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


It's sisterhoodofscrap's anniversary celebration, please come and join us! I am sure you will have fun to join in the games and a lot of prize to win!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Preferably 28 hours a day

Gee, 4 hours make a lot of difference: 2 more LOs; another episod of reading; complete one writing assignment; 1 more movie; clean up my table, ect. I just wish I have more hours in a day! When school starts, my time is restrained, transport Renee from one activity to another adds more stress! Even though I mumble too much on this, I still kinda appreciate how these arrangements have been made, especially after watching "The Secret" movie this morning. Well, if you are " The Secret" book lover, you can understand me. We shall all be happy for what we have...

Let's see what I've got here to share with you:

Those Eyes

This is meant to join the challenge at Scrappinkids, for what is so unique about your child's feature. No doubt, I will op for Renee's eyes. Inspired by one look I have seen somewhere sometime, I wrote a letter to her future boyfriend, to tell him how special Renee to me and tell him to treasure the time with Renee, to look after her well. This is a strange feeling, even though she is only 7, but by recall how I left home schooling, working and settled down far away from my mother, my heart aches. I want my daughters to know that they're meant so much to their mother.

Another 8.5*11, using my cupcakes Feb kit:

"These 2 beautiful princess are what I often scrap about"

I found out doing 8.5*11 is much faster and the LO will definitely focus on the photo you choose.

Also, antoher LO will submit for scrap-n-crop April DT challenge: as I told you in my earlier posts, there are a group of talented scrapper, the ideas are so inspiring, we have this "Makan Order" for the challenge, which you are allowed to order 1 main dish, 1 side dish, 1 dessert and 1 drink using scrapping supplies. Mine turned out to be:

"Grow our family tree"

Along with these scrapping, I still have some written assignment to complete, lesson plan to update, test paper to finalise and a lot lot more on the list!!! So I am staying at home now on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon while dear hubby brought the girls to the yacht club for fun, sigh, but at least, I updated my blog! LOL...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So many exciting news!

Yes, indeed, there are so many exciting news today!

First, I am on board with Scrap.Inspire.Create Design Team from April to Sep 2008, I will be working together with other 3 ladies and hope I can do a good job, wow! So please, my fellow scrappers, drop by and visit here to join our very 1st challenge, believe or not, we have already received 1st submission!

Then, another DT job for Scrap-n-Crop is also in the line, just can not believe my luck for that! It's a great place to be especially their forum here.

And, there is something else good for me which I have been waiting for sometime. There were downs in life, but you know what, follow this read: " If you find stumbling blocks in your path, use them as stepping stones to move closer to the good in life."

Now, I am going to continue with my scrapping LOs, hope to share with you as soon as I finish them, coz I can't wait to show you the beautiful paper from cupcakes kit, thus I continued another 6 month subscription.