Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adore, Grow, Live

That's what I made using JB May's project kit: it comes with 7 Gypsies' hanging book, JB bingo card and some chipboard shapes.

The pictures were taken two weeks ago when Renee had the Punk day at school, the year 5s dressed as punks to raise money for the much needed children in the country, that week's total amount reached $2800! When I looked at my baby, just couldn't believe how the time flew, she is turning 10 this August! That baby, the little, tiny thing!

Another week nearly gone, 4 more to go till my summer holiday!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

After a straight 8 weeks' term, I welcomed this lovely short break -- it is so great that I wake up these few mornings without alarm clock!

The highlight of long weekend is the beach party at a friend's place in Tutong, we always joke that we feel like that we are somewhere in a beautiful resort: the beautiful beach, the giant pool, the food, the hanging out with great friends... Of course, not to mention how difficult to pull the girls out of the pool, even the man! Well, he decided to cycle to Tutong from our house, which took him one and half hour on the bike! The rain also joined in to welcome his arrival just before the dinner. I forgot to grab the camera at that point though!

Here are some fun moments:

Life is great, isn't it?

More craft time later today, I have a scrapping date with Hilda, will share what we make tomorrow!

Have a great week!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Mood

The start of a new week is always exciting, especially after this one, I will have a mid-term break!

As I mentioned in the last post, I have more things to share here. My children usually spend a lot of time on their art work, they draw, paint, sketch, colour, they do a lot of stuff at school as well as home. I always have to find more place to keep the treasures -- well, just can't throw them away, can I?

I used to file Renee's art work in big A3 size file, but eventually that doesn't work any more since Rafeeqa joined in. She can start to draw from the moment she wakes up till the minute before she goes to bed, every a few days, I have to sort out the things she has. There always a few pieces of great work caught my eye and I simply couldn't just file them away, kept thinking of ways to display them. Not very long ago, I discovered a few ways to show off the girls art work. Along with the JB kit, I received KaiserCraft's wonderful project items and decided to use them to display the girls work.

Rafeeqa was very into Beatrix Potter's beautiful books and decided to try some by herself. The pictures of the duck, cat, and bunnies were all drawn on to a piece of A4 paper, I wonder how to keep the pencil sketch forever then thought of use the UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) to keep the image into the 3D kinda version and it worked perfectly after I add on some wing and button.

The best thing about Kaiser Craft's display item is that you can use your creativity to transform into anything you like:
I first arranged dollies on the bottom part then used Claudine Hellmuth's multi-medium gloss to make sure they stay. American Craft's rub-on fits perfectly in this frame, not to mention the grass stamp to complete the whole look.

Another one is called Aliah, who is actually a friend of Rafeeqa. My little girl sketched her friend in the woods one day. I laid it on Kaiser Craft's wood canvas and again applied multi-medium gloss to make sure the picture can last forever, for the edge of the canvas I used Heidi Swapp's ribbon. Now these two beautiful work sit outside their room on the desk, as well as the other work by Renee.

I once did a layout called :" Your art make me Happy", I scanned some of Rafeeqa's work and reprint them on A5 size sheet, used a lot of Maya Road's frame to display the work, as if the gallery style, we loved it.

Let children know that they are appreciated and make them create more, do not the imagination stop...

Till then,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wow! It is nearly 6 months since my last post.

Let's see, where to start: life is as usual, work, home and the girls...

Scrapping is still where I spend most of my free time, late afternoon before dinner and after dinner; sometimes after putting the girls to bed; weekend whenever I am able to be in front of my table. Many boxes are piling up and the scrapping table is forever a mess!

Sharon was here a week ago and of course we had a great time, not to mention the home cooked food from Bev.

Quite a lot of projects were completed, I will slowly post them up. Today let's see my album for the trip last October:

That's the best memory a little girl could have and I am so glad that I get to know the scrapping world, where I learned to keep memory for my family.

When I am blogging today, I read a story, a sad story of a scrapper: Linda Burnasakorn.

Though we live so far away from each other but I simply could not stop thinking about her. Please read here and see what you can do. Big or small, does not matter, just do it follow your heart.

Have a good day! Till then.