Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ruey's kit

I liked the pattern paper, card stock, chipboard letters, stamp , 3D gliz of course, but felt that I might not able to use for my girls. Well, I let that kit sat there on my table for some time until... my term break started 4 days ago.

Actually in front of me, I had 3 projects going on at the same time, a LO for both of the girls, a double LO for Rafeeqa and a small album for winnie who left our house. I used Ruey's kit for 2 of them!

Smoke Tricks

As I said before, their daddy always play with the girls in his way, after he came back from Manila with the icecream, the dry ice became a issue, so here it is:

The materials from Ruey's kit: chipboard letter, pattern paper, brad, stamp, and I also used: sticker ( provo craft ) and chipboard from fancy pants, queen & co. I add some white 3D gliz on them.


Rafeeqa always love food, I took these photo last week when we were at beach. After swimming, everyone got a icecream treat. While I was watching them eating, I felf that mummy need a treat too but before I put it in my mouth, Rafeeqa took it away. She was so concentrating on that icecream, I never knew it was so tasty!

Card stock: Bazzil; pattern papper from Ruey's kit, I especially like the little owls; flower: Heidi Swapp; chipboard: ki memories and some buttons.

These two LOs are very simple, I am glad that I have captured these memorable moments.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sun Solutation

It's been nearly two months since I picked up my Yoga again. The very last time was 4 years ago before my 2nd pregnancy. Haha, my hubby always joke about my interest in any exercises. Well, that's me, I'm fond of sitting down read and write but not so much movements. But you see, as I am getting older, I feel my body is no longer YOUNG, I back on my Yoga. Love Sun Solutation, just by doing that, I will get totally sweat, so the ladies out there, here we go, let's try out and do it EVERYDAY, I MEAN it.

Sun Salutation(surya namaskar)
1. Mountain
Begin by standing in Mountain pose, feet about hip width apart, hands either by your sides or in prayer position. Take several deep breaths.
2. Hands up
On your next inhale, in one sweeping movement, raise your arms up overhead and gently arch back as far as feels comfortable and safe.
3. Head to knees
As you exhale, bend forward, bending the knees if necessary, and bring your hands to rest beside your feet.
4. Lunge
Inhale and step the right leg back
5. Plank
Exhale and step the left leg back into plank position. Hold the position and inhale.
6. Stick
Exhale and lower yourself as if coming down from a pushup. Only your hands and feet should touch the floor.
7. Upward Dog
nhale and stretch forward and up, bending at the waist. Use your arms to lift your torso, but only bend back as far as feels comfortable and safe. Lift your legs up so that only the tops of your feet and your ahnds touch the floor. It's okay to keep your arms bent at the elbow.
8. Downward dog
Exhale, lift from the hips and push back and up.
9. Lunge
Inhale and step the right footforward.
10. Head to knees
the left foot forward and step into head-to-knee position.
11. Hands up
Inhale and rise slowly while keeping arms extended .
12. Mountain

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Giggle girls

Love these sets of pictures and I have been thinking about the LO for weeks. Changed so many paper and finally decided to make it as simple as that. Due to my poor photo skill, the rub-on can't be seen at all. Haha, but I am happy with the girls. Rafeeqa was so adorable at that time ( now she is at the terrible 3!!! ) and Renee was so chubby ( now she is too THIN ).

Paper: SEI; Flower/Brads: Making Memories; Letter chipboard: Queen&Co.

Monday, May 21, 2007



20岁之前的生活,分别在三个不同的城市中,随着搬迁,许多收藏着的物件都以为已经无迹可寻了,怎知,前年回家的时候,爸爸交给我一个纸盒,里面竟然收着我历年来的学生手册和一些可爱的旧东西,是爸爸和妈妈帮我收起来的,真是非常感动,竟一个人呆呆地坐着,边看边想了大半天。20岁之后的生活,在自己的记忆中有较深的印象,虽然许多收藏的东西分别是在两个不同的国家,但还是依稀记得在哪个角落里。自小在妈妈的影响下,我特别爱收集不同的铁盒,尤其是饼干盒,巧克力盒,而我最宝贝的东西自然就都藏在那里。它们分别被放置在衣柜,抽屉里, 各自有各自的精彩“内涵”。 就是这样,前几个礼拜找到了一本旧通讯录,拨了通长途电话,找到了高中时代的好友。虽然只讲了几句话,以前的感觉又回来了,让我激动得难以入睡,高中时代疯狂的日子历历在目。 在我出国的这11年里,我们错过了彼此生命中的一些大事,是让我最遗憾的地方。


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

2 New LO for my 2 lovely girls

As a mother of two, and the only child from my family, I always try to balance my life, between Shanghai and Brunei, my work and family, hubby and the kids, and even between the two girls. I try to spend same quality time with them and make each of them feels that she is truely special.
Rafeeqa always question that why her sister got more stuff than she does, well, my darling, she arrives 3 years earlier than you! She gave such comments as" it's not fair, she has more books"
"why she's riding on that horse, where am I" and the worse is" you have brought here to so many places and took so many pictures!" As I scrap, I tried to make sure they have their own album and another elbum just to put the picture with both of them there. Last week, I was doing 2 looks at the same time, so Rafeeqa feels better.

Love U at 2

Jazz, I did cut out the flowers as I told you and the 3D effect is great! Well, I am waiting for the large shadow boxes now to put them in.

Also, one of the family member will leave us soon, I am working on a project for her, will post once I finish it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Little Moment

It's so stressed over the inspection issue, everyone in the school has been absolutely busy and over presured -- I think. Last week, we found a piece of a photecopied article for everyone from newspaper titled" Stressed school teacher suicided over the inspection matter!" What a joke!!!

Well, that's bit of what I am busy with and headache about for the past few weeks and currently scratch my head over!

The weekend was great, spent lots of time with the two girls, watched "spider man III", had a happy lunch with the girls and hubby, a bit of shopping for Rafeeqa's shoe, and of course, I did manage to finish a few LOs.

God, I have got so much stuff in these two weeks, and this is just the beginning of May, see, what have I got: lots of pattern paper, one love card kit, one beautiful beautiful kit from k.i memory, Ruey's kit, Angel's mother's day special kit ( is otw to Brunei) and my order from Scrapingals just shipped out... I have seriously over spent!!!

But the result is , I am so happy and enjoyed. After putting kids to bed on Saturday night, I finished this LO within one hour. I really like this picture of Renee, she's so "lady like" in it despite all the naught stuff she does usually. I really adore her there.

Little Moment

material used: Patterned paper /Making memories (Eliza Eyelet); Flip frame /Carolees Creations ; Quote / wild asparagus, daisyd's; Sticker / KI memories ( Choices collection) , Chatter box ( daughter ); Flower / KI memories , making memories; Rub-ons/ making memories ( flowers,icons)

I used the cloth tag which I got when I bought Renee's jeans, it's so pretty and I kept it to know I will use it one day.

Also, a LO for my little Rafeeqa:


The glitter on the letters turned out to a bit messy, anyone know what to use to cover the glitters and make a smooth surface? I have read it somewhere, should try to find out.

The inspection things will end this Friday and hubby will be out for 3 days, so I am sure I will do more work this weekend: so excited!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Hero

这个周末总算有时间睡了个懒觉,而且还看完了买了很久的一出戏:“茉莉花”。听朋友说,这出戏中的章子怡有出色的表演,看了之后真是很佩服她的演技,想这应该是目前为止较喜欢她的一部戏了。 或者说,是喜欢她扮演的角色:3个不幸但异常坚强的女性。中国女性的坚韧,顽强在她们的身上绝对体现了出来。

中国人表现情感的方式比较含蓄,尤其是我们上一代的人,记忆中长大之后再没有拥抱过自己的父母亲,特别是妈妈。如果可以,我多想能够紧紧地抱着她,对她说一句:爱你,妈妈。 我并不是一个乖女儿,在成长的过程中,妈妈付出了许多时间,无怨无悔,而我一直都没能够尽孝心,实在是我今生最失败的地方。对于父亲,也一样觉得内疚,在我们之间的这空间的距离,让我也无法好好照顾他。 只希望,快些,快些,在很快的将来,可以好好地陪他。

周末和几个朋友一起crop,要把和爸爸一起的拍的照片用美丽的方式留下来,从小,他就是我心目中最完美的男人,年幼的我甚至天真地想成年之后的另一半可以和爸爸一样高大成熟。 去年爸爸来这里过年,是妈妈离开后的第一次。虽然周围的人都喜气洋洋,可是也掩藏不了爸爸眼底的几丝失落。 爸爸,我最亲爱的爸爸,我们要坚强地走下去,其实妈妈永远都在我们的身边,不曾离开过。。。

card stock: SEI pattern paper: chatter box vellum flower:prima tags: making memories