Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just a few things

A 6am get up for tomorrow and will continue for another 6 weeks till the Christmas holiday...

What in my head right now?

Shabby Chic's 2nd Birthday!!!

At the moment, I can only tell you that it will be fun! The girls have done a lot of preparation that won't fail you for sure, so watch out on the dates here.

Went for a day trip to the nearest Malaysia city yesterday and I got a "butterfly" punch for myself, well, it is just the perfect size I am looking for and it only cost RM10 after the popular card discount, haha, I am going to use it soon!!!

Find myself into the butterfly for some time now, can see them flying on most of my layouts, even the newly completed below:

pp: pink paislee, KI; rub-on: AC;sticker: MM; ribbon: misc

6 days more for Rafeeqa's 5th birthday, we've been talking about the party theme: ballerina; princess... and now finally, she wants a Rock star party! I searched all over and found some cool instruments for presents but how about the pinata? any idea?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am in the holiday mood

Though it's a week-long short break, I still appreciate it! Leaving all the report behind, I have had 4 great days so far!

First of all, the two girls had a very busy weekend: birthday and the dance show. Ha, none of them were involved in the fantastic dance show however, they enjoyed very much watching their friends! Emma, Rafeeqa's best fren from school was a beautiful bee, I just couldn't take my eyes off her, such a sweet!

Then, on Sunday, we celebrated out 10th anniversary, 10 years, hard to believe that, I can still recall the moment two of us signed on our registration ten years ago... Time flies, look at us now:

Now, a few LOs to share, didn't really do much but got hands on with the MME paper and embelishment:

This is a great way to use all the ribbon you have in your stash! I fell for ranger's Frosted Lace stickles now, tried in many ways and in this layout, just want to mimic the water bubble with the clear buttons.

This one is so simple and I love the bright colour, perfect for any girly look.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

All gone

Again I didn't know what happened to me, busy, busy and busy then I lost in a total mess!

My aunt and uncle left after spent a short week here, after wondering for 11 years for what kind of life I live, now they feel satisfied and my dear hubby reassured them that he will take good care of me. You see, no matter how old are you now, how many children you have for your own, your parents or your aunts, uncles still think you are that little girl they knew thirty years ago!

School suppose to be a enjoyable thing for little ones and I believe my Rafeeqa totally agrees, look what they have just for this week: Tuesday Pajama's day, Thursday Swimming, Friday Messy Play Day despite the usually activities they have every day. She finally decided on her outfit for Pajama's day, the Belle night gown, twinkle bell slippers, her unicorn and a small story.

And don't blame that "Fancy Hair Do'', she copied how Laila looks like ( hello, if you have a 4 years old, you need to know who is Laila, Bloom, Stella and all sorts of other characters)
Sometimes I just can't remember all these things!!! So here we go, she arrived school today without her swimming suit and towl, the worst thing is that I didn't remember at all, until I saw them lining up for the pool, she is the only one in her PE gear... luckily the teacher has a spare one, otherwise can you imagine how disappointed she is??? THis naughty mummy!!! I'd better remember tomorrow is the Messy Play Day and give her extra changing shirts.

Do you believe memory lost after giving birth, someone comforted me on that point...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A long break

I am finally giving myself a long break after all.

My aunt arrived two nights before and I went to the palace with her yesterday, can't believe I did that, after living here 11years, I stepped into the palace for the first time. And believe or not, I won't try again. The whole 5 and half hour waiting for the 5 second of hand shake, I leave to you to judge its worthness. All I wish for is a generous smile which I didn't really receive...

Well, enough of that.
I enjoy visiting all my muslim friends during this festival time, moving from house to house and tasting all the delisious food. ( Just for a moment, I don't care if more kilos will add up )but the truth is , the digits show on my scale every moring, keeps giving me alarm!!! I doubt about if I still be ablt to fit in my baju kurong! I really hate that, I'm afraid...

Back to scrapping, I will share what I did in SC nearly 3 weeks ago during the scrapping marathon, basically we were giving schetches/instructions to follow:

(1) Smile
(2) Fly (I really like this one, scraplife piece)

I haven't completely finished my 3rd piece, a LO of myself. You see, as a mother-scrapper, I often scrap about my girls, hardly do anything for myself, and if it's my turn, I do not even know what to do! So that piece of work, is still resting in that pile of paper on my table, helpless.

I also tried to scrap something else beside people, ha, my garden, you see how it turned out: