Monday, January 24, 2011

In the mood of cutting

As far as I can remember, I like to use scissors, from cutting my doll's dress to cutting mom's tabe cloth... anyway, I just into the cutting!

Chinese New Year is around the corner, hum,hum, the shopping has not done yet though. The last weekend, I did two Chinese paper cutting, which involves a lot drawing and cutting, when I completed the two big pieces, my fingers could't feel a thing, I think I pressed too hard on the craft knife!

But these two pieces made me smile, they looked perfect for my kitchen window:

"Nian Nian You Yu" means abundence.

"Fu Wa Yin Chun" is a traditional picture used during Chinese New Year.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Say Hello to the new year!

A bit late but better than never, so here it is: Hello, Year 2011!

There are a lot of water this year, it's been raining here nearly everyday since the day 1 of 2011! And you know what, last week I went for my first run in the jungle and it turned out to be a super wet day! As soon as we headed to the jungle the rain started pouring... I will remember that one hour forever seriously! There were leaves and tiny branches in my wet hair, my pocket, don't need mention that I was completed soaked and one leg slipped into a small pond, lol. Really enjoyed it and ready for the next one in two days time!

There are quite a few things I want to do this year, one of them is write more, post more... this is a beautiful place to note the things happened, happening and will happen in my life.

How about to share this one today:

Bought the Babushika from KaiserCraft through Emma's Paperie, the place I love to shop! Well, they have been sleeping in my basket for a year! yes, a year!!! Finally I decided to play with them. I first painted them using acrylic paint color brown mixed with silver. I had a good time to decide how they should look like ( you know I do take long time to think plus the time my girls used ) and made my decision to paint their face like this, sweet , aren't they!

I used the beautiful paper from webster's pages, of course, along with brads and laces, now they are looking at me every day like this.

How I enjoy that my life is filled with little pretty things! So I told myself :
"you need to make more"

Hopefully, I will and be back very soon!