Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stay happy

Scrapped till late last night... as hubby was away playing his go-cart. I did two LOs and happy about that.

Actually I am a happy woman lately: realizing many things in life should just stay as what they are. Talking about friends, don't know if you have the same feeling: many people appear in your life, come and go, but those who stay will remain your close friend, and believe or not, we all have learnt that BE THE FRIEND YOU NEED, to give and to love. I have been here in Brunei for nearly 11 years, those who close can hardly counted in one hand, but I still admit that I am very happy for what I have. So here is my first LO with my friend Meilan:

All the paper are from cupcakes kit which I just picked up yesterday morning, I have to say I love cupcakes kit, beautiful and reasonable pricing. March's kit comes with Amy Butler, 7 gypsies, College Press and Hambly, don't you just adore the crochet leave?
This is my first try with something else besides a usual 12 * 12 ( inspired by Meilan, of course ), once again, we scrap the same pictures and came up with so different style. I definately need to take the picture of her looks, they are just as wonderful as she is.

Well, now please come back on 1st April to see my 2nd LO, and I shall share something special with you...
Tata, for now...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Still holiday

You know what, it's really great to have a two-week holiday. I enjoyed myself with the trip and of course, more scrapping! Have sent my creations for a DT submission and cross finger... well, it doesn't hurt to give a try, right?

Meilan and I decided to scrap the same photo and see what we can do with it. Mine... I had to switch so many paper and finally set my eye on my Jenni Bowlin, these are last year's pp, they are so beautiful and I don't know what to do with them. Sometimes, you intend to keep the pretty stuff and just be happy when you flip thru them, right? I also tried dolly paper this time, Meilan loves it, hehe, I kinda like it too ( found out some really old stuff, used them and absolutely love them!)

Now, let me show you what else I did just now: 

that's my lovely Renee, she's always willing to pose for her mummy, lol.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sisterhood of Scrap

Yes, Watch out this space and do visit sisters as something interesting is coming up soon!!! Ladies, let's play together.

16 years

It's been nearly 16 years now, my last stop at here.

And it's still there, the interior is nearly the same!  I even met Greg, the owner and my old boss when I had a part time job in Mexican Wave while I was still studying in the university. It's really amazing to see both him and the bar.  And of course, all the memories came back.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I recently joined the scrap-n-crop forum, and let me tell you this is a wonderful place to be, so many talented scrappers and most of all, I got inspired every time I visited. Especially the recent challenge by Liza, what a cool idea is that! I tried to hit 2 BINGOs , the concept is to create the layout using 3 ideas ( just like how we play BINGO), here is my first one:

(1) Use 5 or more blue or green buttons
(2) Use patterned paper as your background
(3) Use any 3 flowers

"Having Fun"

The french twist paper have been in the stack for ages, and finally I played with it.

Journaling: What else could be more cherished than a childhood full of fun memories? A beautiful afternoon, yummy cakes and a stroll in the garden, remember it, my darling girls... you just had fun chasing each other... Nov'2007"

And my 2nd BINGO:
(1) Use any kind of paints
(2) Use 3 different lengths of ribbons
(3) Journal your page
" Kiss for You"

Journaling: Thousand of miles? Who cares! Grandpa lives in Shanghai which is thousand of miles away, but in your little heart, he is so gentle and so close...

That's so far what I did for the challenge, still what to do anyone... haha, really like this BINGO! Thank you , Liza.