Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adore, Grow, Live

That's what I made using JB May's project kit: it comes with 7 Gypsies' hanging book, JB bingo card and some chipboard shapes.

The pictures were taken two weeks ago when Renee had the Punk day at school, the year 5s dressed as punks to raise money for the much needed children in the country, that week's total amount reached $2800! When I looked at my baby, just couldn't believe how the time flew, she is turning 10 this August! That baby, the little, tiny thing!

Another week nearly gone, 4 more to go till my summer holiday!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

After a straight 8 weeks' term, I welcomed this lovely short break -- it is so great that I wake up these few mornings without alarm clock!

The highlight of long weekend is the beach party at a friend's place in Tutong, we always joke that we feel like that we are somewhere in a beautiful resort: the beautiful beach, the giant pool, the food, the hanging out with great friends... Of course, not to mention how difficult to pull the girls out of the pool, even the man! Well, he decided to cycle to Tutong from our house, which took him one and half hour on the bike! The rain also joined in to welcome his arrival just before the dinner. I forgot to grab the camera at that point though!

Here are some fun moments:

Life is great, isn't it?

More craft time later today, I have a scrapping date with Hilda, will share what we make tomorrow!

Have a great week!