Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's so quiet...

Yes, now, at the moment, the kids have gone to bed.

I'm kind of sorting out my scrap space after sitting there for a few hours. But, do not even think about "CLEAN", coz it is very far from that meaning. Went to Jazz's place and worked with 2 ladies for the charity items. I think we actually chat more, ate more... I'm so impressed by all the work done today and previously. A big and warm "Thank you" goes to everyone who helped in this event.

I made this there:

also made these too during the week, 3 or 4 cards in the box:

Just hope everything will go well as I planned and we shall get some decent money for the move which will go to the right people. I can not bear watching news or even reading it...

It's hard to believe today is 31st of May, another 4 weeks to go for my summer holidays. To end today's post, I show you a sneak for June's SIC title:

This is an interesting item and a challenged one too.

Now, good night. I need to get my beauty sleep...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's a relaxing weekend!

Haven't been like this for some time. Really enjoyed this weekend.

I even had a nap with Rafeeqa on Saturday after lunch. Absolutely just RELAX, we went to watch a movie this morning and came home I again fell asleep on the sofa, guess I missed sleeping too much!

Scrapping wise, many ideas in the head, now slowly let them out one by one. Finished this using MM's new noteworthy, as usual the paper itself makes me speechless...

After 8 weeks' busy school, this short break finally arrived, a whole week --- it means many work should be done if I start right after this!
I decided to share a quote with you in every blog entry from now on, I will add it at the left bar on the top. Today's is:
{ For everyone, there is a time to give and a time to receive. When it is your time }to receive the graciousness of others, do so not with shame but with grace and thankfulness.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 more days to go

I stayed up till early morning to finish my assignment yesterday. There are too many things up recently, I was kind of down down ... with no mood to do anything. Hubby was away for 5 days, I was the mother, driver, entertainer, teacher and student. When I picked him last night from airport, I gave him a big kiss, he's back to rescure me! It's so hard to get up early, prepare everybody to school, teach 5 lessons in the morning, bring one child home during lunch, back to school teach another 2 or 3 lessons, bring the other one home, write report and do my assignment. The only good thing is I do not need to cook! I hate when hubby is away and it striked twice this month!

Sorry, talking too much, I know. On top of that, Renee had Roman day yesterday, I only managed to buy a piece of cloth and sent to tailor on Sunday leaving the nice lady 2 days to finish her piece. But thanks to everyone, it turned out to be ok:

We reached school and glad to see all these lovely looks:

On the other hand, I was so worried about the situation in Sichuan and called again my fren and happy to hear she left Mianyang with the baby and now safely arrived her hometown Wuhan. Can't bare to watch the news anymore... donationa and pray are all we can do at the moment.

There are only 2 days left for this term... I shall have more time ( hope so...)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Charity Move

My dear friends, SIC is organising a Charity Move for raising fund for the victims of recent China earthquake. Please help them by making some craft items like bagtags, bookmarks, cards, picture frames,etc, I will arrange a sale in JIS mid June, all profit will go to the victims through China Embassy. If you decide to join in this Charity Move, please can I have all the items latest by 10th June.
A big "THANK YOU" to all of you, all your love and care are appreciated.

{ The rules to a good life are easy. Be kind. Be gracous. Be true. }

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally back in touch

Yes, her phone was finally ringing after 3 days. Everyone is fine. The house cracked but they managed to leave and stay in the safe place now. There is water and electricity in certain part of the city in Sichuan, so now the whole family moved to Mianyang city. She said the situation is baaaaad...

But I am so happy to hear her voice and to learn that they are safe. Thank you, everyone, who prayed for her, god will bless you too.


As we all awared that the deadly earthquake attached China on Monday, resulting nearly 14000 dead so far...

Sichuan, is a place, I shall say means a lot to my parents. They left Shanghai in early twenties to work in Sichuan as the government called out to them, they served over 20 years there to contribute in the development for southwest of China. They married in Sichuan, I was born there. I was sent back to my grandma when I was 3 years old for better living environment in Shanghai. My parents left in 1992. My father went back two years ago to settle everything and drew an end in Sichuan.

I frankly do not know that much about the place, but I have a close friend who still lives there. I have been calling her for 2 days now, but... no answer. The communication is still down... She lives in Jiangyou while her husband works in Mianyang, where is very close to Wenchuan, and the two county in Mianyang, the death roll draws nearly 8000, I hope she is fine, last December 15th, she just gave birth to her first boy! Let's pray... The last time I met her was in 1995, before I left to Brunei. We were best friends in high school, we stayed in the same boarding house: we used to eat together, study together, kind of do everything together. We talked on the phone in December when I was in Shanghai, we even planned a gathering next year... I hope, we will meet soon.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I am relieved ...

... after completed my first very important interview for my course. And very happy when I arrived home seeing this: 

My dear Rafeeqa even made me covered my eyes before she presented it to me! She's sweet, for now...

Received JB's April project kit, turned it into this: 

I haven't decided where it should go yet, it stays in my scrap corner now. 

SIC is running May's challenge, create a mother's day LO, please check it out. As for me, I did a look with me and my mother as you can see from my previous blog entry. Really miss her...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New haircut

Some nights, Rafeeqa couldn't sleep well, frenz suggested for a hair cut. 

It's very hard to get a hair cut done with my girls, I don't know about yours, but mine...... All of them want super long wavy hair like princess. But finally we agreed for one and she sort of likes it too! Good for me too, new photo to scrap...

Had a chat with frenz at Shabby this afternoon and guess what, I bought "DIRT", thought I am very busy but this could be a treat for the weekend, right?