Sunday, April 22, 2007

This week

The jewel box was actually done right after the crop night in Shabby, but I didn't manage to add any embellishment till today! Keep thinking...

This week is just like any other normal week: busy, busy and busy. Rafeeqa got fever in the week so made my week even busier. She is a strong little girl, takes medicine and gets rest as doctor advised, seldom makes my life harder. I am so proud of her, my little angel. I'm in the process of making a LO specially for her, will post soon.
May is coming, that means a special day for mums is coming too. 4 years ago, I spot a very pretty mother's day card, fell in love instantly with the lovely drawing and the touching words, thought to give to my mum, but I never made it... the card is still in one of my "special box".
The idea of making my own cards started last year, but I wasn't that productive, only manage to finish a few. The thought came back and I finished a few during the week:

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rainbow Magic books

Does anybody out there also know this is the hottest topic amony many of the girls recently? Especially my Renee and her classmates! Since the series came out about 3 months ago, the books become the only thing Renee wants when we go shopping in weekends. Now, she has collected all the weather fairies, some of the pet keeper fairies, colour fairies, jewel fairies, party fairies and holiday fairies, she's kind of like to make a collection of all the books. I have counted the catalog, that will make over 40 books, I will need to spend a lot on that!

The girls like to exchange the books too, so she brings different books to school everyday. To make sure she brings back the book in "good condition", I made her a bag. That piece of old felt was lying in my drawer for at least a year, I bought it to make fortune cookie last new year actually!
Hahaha... now make the perfect bags! Just add a little flower and name tag, it looks so cute and now I think I should make a bigger one for myself just to keep my stuff tidy too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Precious Moment

It's been more than a week since my last post. The starting of the new term is extremely busy, I was all hands full with the work.

But still, I managed to do some small pieces of work. Hubby took the pictures 2 weeks ago while 3 of his princesses were playing. Rafeeqa is always keen in the beauty line, she likes to dress up and put on makeups, especially try to use my lip sticks. On her birthday, she got two sets of princess make up kit, I thought my lip sticks would be safe after that, but, she's not enough over the fake stuff and still eye on my real beauty supplies.

After dinner that night, she told her sister to help her to make up mummy, coz" I want to put colours on mummy so she can be the most beautiful princess mummy on the world" she said, so 3 of us end up in their room, with everythings lying all over the beds and floor. You know what, I actually really enjoyed it and felt sooooo good, because Rafeeqa let me use her Minnie Mouse head band ( she never let others to touch it, Minnie is her all time favourite )!

I always wish I have sisters to talk and play with when I was young. Now two of them, love each other and hate each other sometime, though, I know they will be the best friends one day, just to be there for each other.

The little album follows the steps introduced by Adeline's blog, I used the following stuff:cardboard, patterned paper ( Busy Scrapper's Solution's Girls: Baby and Toddler 's paper ), ribbon, tag ( K & Company )

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