Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's the New Year's eve

and it's the afternoon of the New Year's Eve, and I am sitting in the hospital.

I am fine and the girls are fine, the strongest man in the house is down... A road accident last night, while he was doing his daily cycling practice: A bike in front of him fell and cause the whole chin down, so he's got this sustained dislocation of the left acromioclavicular joint ( near the left shoulder ) and the doctor suggested for an open reduction and fixation, so here we are.

He was sent into the operation theatre 40 mins ago and I know he will be out soon so  I am leaving a quick note to all of you:

Have a happy new year and wish you all the best!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The season of Joy

My 2nd post of the day! After all, I am such a bad blogger, this is something unusual haha.

Had some friends over for lunch today and headed to Yacht club in the later afternoon. Now back home, showered and in front of my macbook.

I picked up JB kit yesterday and together with this little of joy:

From Maya Road, their appreciation for participating in their House deco last month.  Well, mine is not really the festival type, just a very tiny house once in my dream years  back. I used a lot of tickles on it for the snow effect, here is my very own model with the house:

 The Christmas was over and the New Year is already on its way, so many public holidays here in Brunei plus the crazy year end sales, everyone looks like in their best holiday mood. Talking about the holiday, isn't it the time to give and take?  Hee, give is one of my favourite, the girls received many wish list of course and dear hubby too, I got him this very useful backpack he wanted. 

And as for me, I am always the Santa in the house, for the whole family and myself, I normally pamper myself with something I like, but this year, indeed, was a bit rush, didn't manage to look at anything! But guess what, just when I was a bit upset ...  I got something delivered to the house on the boxing day:  A Pro-racing Bike from Body Sculpture! This is so my hubby, who always think I am lack of exercise... and I am also wondering if he thinks I need to do sth. with my figure!!! Let us point to the better direction: a healthier life is what he meant.  Yes, that makes me feel much better now.

Talking about his presents, always amaze/shock you, so that is the reason I'd rather be the one to pick! But back to the old times, he bought me a sewing machine, a very good one actually, I made some pillow, pillow cases and then it was put at a very safe spot in my room, for nearly 9 years! I know you are laughing, ha! I sent it to a fix a few weeks back and you know what, I actually made two Christmas presents with that! More to come for sure since I have discovered its true beauty now!  I think I will pick up more cotton material from Hokko tomorrow!

Love and have a nice sleep!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

In love of Kits and still love it!

As most of you may know I am a fan of Kits -- fresh paper, beautiful bits of this and that, especially with those vintage finds.  I have came up with my own kits a few times as RAKs, to give to fellow scrappers, may not be the perfect ones but definitely the stuff I love. 

Recently in CMK DT call, they have requested to design a kit and create projects with the kit. With so many stuff in my stash, I have to join this fun play! And here is my very special kit:

The kit includes:
3 card stock 
6 pattern paper: Basic Grey urban prairie monarch
                              Basic Grey urban prairie meadow
                              K & Co Life's journey dictionary
                              K & Co Amy Butler lotus Tea
                              K & Co Amy Butler Box Lace work
                              K & Co Amy Butler flat paper
Alpha: American Craft thickers Dolce fabric sticker
Rubon: Crate paper: family
Bling: Heidi Swapp frames circles
Button: 4 hand made buttons
Flower: Prima paintery petals 6pcs
Bingo card Home from Jenni Bowlin
Die-cut cardstock: K & Co Amy Butler cartulina troquelada
Ribbon: webster's pages olive trim             
               MM animal crackers velvet die cut pink
               white lace
S.E.I word book : Love

I love the combination of these items and created quite a few projects: 

(1) "Always love you" 

(2 ) " Action"

(3) The word book "Love"

I also found this little cute wooden CD box in IKEA and decided to make into a photo cube.

Actually there are still stuff left from the kit, I am thinking to make a few CNY card and Valentine's card ... 

Why don't you join the call as well!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am back

from the week long family holiday. 24 /7 's supervision to two super active girls -- the busy and fun packed holiday didn't worn them out but me instead: on the fifth day of the trip,  after spent 11-12 hours out daily, I collapsed and asked for a break on the 6th day, just relax in the hotel plus spa and massage. 

Now happily back at my sweet home, learnt that dear Lia sent me something and it's waiting for collection in Shabby, I definitely need to make my way there this afternoon. Suppose to be in the morning, but I pampered myself for another massage, hair treatment and manicure... after all, it's a holiday, I need to treat myself better this time.

No picture of holiday for this post yet as hubby accidently placed my card reader in his bag???  Well, this kind of accident did happen to his things too, so ... lol.

Back to the days before I left, did I mention that I scrapped in Shabby with Hilda and Bev? I didn't quite finish the LOs there, I brought home and completed them before my trip and here we go:

pp: pink paislee; rubon:Bazzill collection; chipboard letter: DCWV

and this one:

Secret Santa
pp: MM, CI; brad: MM ; chipboard: Scenic Route

Mailed my swap present in SK this morning and hope it will arrive on time in Singapore, hope you like it, my friend.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It feels great that...

I don't need to wake up at 6am! Though I forgot to turn off my alarm for this morning, lol. I went back to sleep then woke up by the girls as they were too eager/happy/excited to tell me that the Christmas tree is all ready!  Well, not quite yet...

Feeling completely free as I am now, it just makes me giggle... yesterday was one of the best, we three girls ( ya, right, daddy was again away, went to his friend's wedding in KB ), so girls went for a movie "BOLT", it sure is a wonderful movie as well as a lesson of human and animal bonding for the girls. 3 of us also went to the open day of "Alliance Francaise"
 where I had a mini intro lesson of French ; girls baked a pie and watched a French movie, ya 2 movies in a day!!! Talking about French lesson, ha, recalled when I was in uni, doing my Spanish... all my vocabulary were lost somewhere, but doing a new language is always fun, challenging. I had them posed for me with the big shades they were wearing in the car, so funny, isn't it, got to scrap these!!!

Speaking of holiday, Christmas, did I tell you he visited Rafeeqa's class last Friday? He arrived with a big bag full of surprises indeed! I was not even informed of this visit! These 5 yr olds were putting up a show for the parents and who knew, Santa came just in time for his show too! Look, my little girl was waiting for Santa to call out her name:

Wonder what did Santa tell her, look at that smile! 

She came home telling everyone that Santa was very nice, came to visit the children in school all the way from North Pole! Well, Renee nearly spoiled the whole thing by telling her the truth, I was just in time to show her my big NO. lol. I have to say these kids are so lucky nowadays.

When I was very young, I was away from my own parents so to engage myself to be"busy", I was actively involved in most of the school activities: sing, dance, gymnastic, drama... anything you name it, I could find a photo or a trace, an evidence of it. But as I grew older, I started to feel that I am actually a rather shy person, feel safe to live in my own circle. Leaving home was a very big step of mine which resulted in so many changes of my life, but I said that's no regret of it. I'm glad that I met new friends, new family here in Brunei. Especially in these few years, thru work and thru my new hobby... what I have learnt will always be there for me.  

Also met Hilda in Shabby doing a layout for her twins based on mine below: 

This is a very simple layout: HS's ghost shapes topped with glitter, beautiful rub ons from JB and a final touch of a hand-cut felt.  Together with us was Jackie, need to meet all these scrapping gals often!  Back at home, I tried again Sharon's take on the glimmer mist and utee, I really love them, thank you, Sharon!

And this is just the beginning of my month long holiday, so watch out for more...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Renee's recital

It took me some time to fix the video and load up here: You can see how my little girl forgot the name of the composer and some part of the lyrics and of course......her embarassing expression. lol

Holiday is just around the corner... "sigh"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I haven't recovered from the fever from ...

Shabby Chic's 2nd Anniversary celebration!!!

Such madness you will definitely miss! We just lost ourselves in days... sorry not many photo to share as I posed for this scrapper, that scrapper till I totally forgot my own camera! What a laugh! Shopping was even better! Woops, Did I say shopping? The sales is so hard to reject, of course, I snapped all the wonderful Sizzix bigz die, crackle paint and glimmer mist. Not to mention what I received from SC, I totally fall for it, Thank you, Ching and Bev, you sure know me well.

I miss Lia and Sharon too, if you want them back, make sure let SC know that hehe...

See me in glasses, that's because of the long hours we spent scrapping! I came home Monday afternoon from school around 2:30pm after been dozy for the whole day and threw myself into the bed, the next thing I knew, I woke up at 6pm! And not if due to the noisy my girls made, I might only woke up in the middle of night. As a matter of fact, they haven't seen their parents too much during the last weekend: me spent my time in Shabby and hubby away in KL, they nearly turned they room upside down... that's another laugh when you know what I am talking about: You just don't have a spot to lay your foot as soon as you open their room, there is something somewhere on the carpet, basically everything out from cupboard and not to mention, Rafeeqa has transformed herself from Little Mermaid to the Witch, anything you name!!! Well, with only 2 days left for the school, I simply just let them do whatever they want...

Meanwhile, I was making cards, presents for friend and need to hand them out asap, I will add more pictures tongiht.

Love and hugs

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's the party time!by

Wow, i hardly had enough sleep! 

Shabby's 2nd anniversary "party" kicked off on Friday night, it was so fun with Sharon, Lia and all the girls who attended crop, games of course were always the highlight, everyone went home happily with prize and goodie bag and and.... projects done with Sharon! 

Yesterday everything went smoothly too, I arrived to prepare for my class early with
Bev in the morning, but you know what, some girls were eager too, arrived 15 mins early before the class!!! I have to say I enjoyed the class so much, especially with my eyes wide open when I saw the game prices and the goodie bags and the lucky draw price! Oh, boy boy, you have to be in all the lessons, Shabby is so generous... I totally love it!  

And the smile from our lucky draw winner!

Then, here we were, with the completed project taught, mine was hanging behind me on the wall, I think I am gonna make some tiny ones to hand on the Christmas tree!
I went home to catch some sleep after the lesson and I didn't make it to Lia's card lesson ( really felt so sorry for myself, I couldn't stay awake, too tired )

But today, in 45 mins time, I need to get ready and head to SC, can't tell you how excited to be in the lesson of Lia and later in Sharon's, I can learn, hehe, how wonderful is that!

Working side, 5 more days to go before the school is out for winter holiday, seriously I can't wait any more, there were too many things going on for this term, I am so tired... before I leave to Lia's lesson, also want to show you how sweet my Renee was, she had her music recital on Friday, played 10 pcs straight and received a special cert for that, she also sang a beautiful song called "wind song" from Mighty Joe Young, she has the most touching voice... I know, shame on me, right, you mummy, but how I can hide it? I will try to put her song on the blog soon, ok...

Till then, hugs to all...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Human Machine

That's me.

For weeks now, I feel like that I am a machine. Wake up as soon as the alarm clock rings every morning, get dressed, go to work, finish work ( late of course ), arrive home, play with the girls ( eat, read story, check on homework and put them to bed ), by the time when everything needs to be done is done, I just want to throw myself on bed and sleep...  I am counting the days till then I can turn off my alarm and have some decent sleep, 1 week and 4 more days!

Both girls are sick, so bad, isn't it! Just check out what I did this morning: 

7:40 arrived at clinic and ran to get a number for Rafeeqa, no 6, not bad, isn't it ( for those mummy who know well how the clinic system works in Brunei, this is a good number )
8:3o Rafeeqa had her injection
8:45 Arrived in Dr. Chan early and waited for door to open at 9am
9:05 Met Dr. Chan and had him checked Renee
9:20 Collected medicine and headed home
9:45 Arrived home and fed medicine to Renee, had to leave the girls at home 
10:00 Arrived in school to work

After a contented afternoon, obviously I will soon hit the pillow.

Nearly completed work for SC, I haven't found time to take any pic yet but promise to show you as soon as I have time to do that tomorrow. Just think about tomorrow is painful! I have 7 lessons straight and meeting after that!

SC is having its big celebration, have you visited it yet? SALE SALE SALE, come on, girls...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are you ready?

2nd Anniversary
Shabby Chic 's Crop Night
on 28th November 2008
That's right, remember the date and see you there!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Many pictures!

I'm such a bad blogger, I admit. Packed with work and busy fulfill my role as entertainer, driver, mother to two demanding girls, you can imagine how that is... Back to some interesting event last week, one of the high lights is the International Day at school. I frankly lost count of how many nationalities are in the school and being an on-off absent minded person like me, I left the memory card in the office when I supposed to take loads of pictures with different costumes. But I did manage to snap a few:

Here are the different booth we had, the young children from kindy to reception "travelled with their passport from country to country", after learnt things and culture from different country, they got a "visa stamp". Many delicious food were offered at booth, but not mine one, after the numerous scandle on Chinese product, I thought I should just keep mine simple.

Look at these little people, I'm sure they had such a wonderful time dressing up. I am still thinking I should have some alternative next year for my girls, not cheongsam again, maybe I can make one of them "Mu Lan" and the other one "?" any idea?"

Scrapping Marathon is on in Shabbychic, I'm glad many of our scrappers take part in this, keep going, everyone! And also put these dates in your dairy: 28/11, 29/11 and 30/11, do not miss SC's 2nd anniversary! I will be teaching " Frame it up" lesson, something very simple but turn out to be a great decoration! Lia and Sharon will also teach during these dates, don't miss this !
And now the two newest LO for the past week:

(1) Emma in the wonderland
pp: sassafras,BB card stock; rubber charms:october afternoon; ribbon:MM;thicker:AC

(2) Gun & Rose
pp: pinkpaislee;flower:prima;rubber charm: OA;chipboard:AC
bling: prima;journal card: MM; ribbon: MM; photo corner: HS; chipboard letter: provo craft
I also picked up my kit from Jenni Bowlin last week as well as new arrivals in SC, so you know my plan for the day...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My little baby turned 5

yesterday, that's the day. She is officially 5 now. The party was small but a very sweet one.

Many pictures to share. She kicked off the party at home of course, by dressing herself up, first with all masks...then the new bikini.

After we finished decorating the place, she addressed herself of the "queen" and "ordered" for special shot just by herself.

There were many people at the club in weekend as usual, but the weather was perfect, the little girls enjoyed swimming before the games. Well, with the not well planned the game, as I forgot to bring any music supply, so the passing parcel and the newspaper dancing were held with the little help of the music from the handphone! But anyway, they didn't mind at all, Rafeeqa and Emma won the newspaper dancing with Emma carrying Raf in her arms, lol!

You see, I was out of idea for the pinata, but Alice, Amirah's mummy, a very creative lady, gave me a SPIDER, yah! Look at the girls and boys, they loved it! The spider was beautiful ,with the googly eyes and wriggly legs, I didn't want to hit it in the first place, but it WAS NOT my birthday, all the 5 years old and plus the 20 years old enjoyed hitting it!

After the cake, bubble time, the whole party turned into an ugly mud fight, my young friend Angel and Jerry became the center of the attack, nearly everyone ended up with a super muddy look.
And frankly talking, I was so tired after the party and hit the bed at 8:30! But that's not the end of the story, my birthday girl woke me up this morning at 6:00 and asked me to open all her presents... Tata, that's the life of a mother!
I feel very bad that I didn't do any scrapping in the past week, but hold on, I WAS thinking about scrapping all the time though, really, wishing that we have 28 hours a day, just 4 hours for the crafty me.